Types of civilisations avaliableEdit




You will start off with this civilization. They have 10 attack, 10 defence, 12 agility, 12 speed, start off with 150 crystals and have 1300 crystals at their maximum.

No requirements needed.




You will have to defeat the first giant turtle to get this civilization.

They have 12 attack, 11 defence, 10 agility, 10 speed, start off with 190 crystals and have 1550 crystals at their maximum.

Requirements needed.

Though they are a little slower than the Egyptians or Japanese, they are the most powerful Civilization.




Defeat the first boss giant turtle to get this.

They have 8 attack, 9 defence, 16 agility, 14 speed, start off with 170 crystals and have 1450 at their maximum.

Requirements needed.

Nonplayable CivilizationsEdit

These are powerful races that are encountered only as enemies.


Available only in Survival Mode (after you reach Rank 5). Endless hordes of bandage-swathed undead will swarm your buildings until you have nothing left.

Precursor RaceEdit

A strange race that left behind many artifacts, as well as the knowledge of how to use crystals to obtain great power. Their mystical weaponry can devastate your buildings from afar. Encountered after the Giant Squid boss.

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